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By Alex Constantine

Mayo Shattuck III

Oh, by the way, the Hunt family of Dallas and Kennedy assassination infamy rules over this little fascist fiefdom, Rosewood Capital – the key to a host of political and corporate criminal conspiracies. No reason to take my word for it – find a research path and commence digging. You’ll have a field day.

I can point out a path for anyone not certain where to begin:

The Rosewood Capital Advisory Board

WARREN HELLMAN – Hellman & Friedman [H&F investments include Axel Springer AG (a “CIA culture” propaganda front exposed in the late 1960s) management comes in the form of Frank Zarb, chairman of AIG’s executive committee, and James D. Wolfensohn, former World Bank president, among others of interest.]

MAYO SHATTUCK – CEO, Constellation Energy [Pressed by questions concerning evident foreknowledge of 9/11, Mayo violated a three-year contract and resigned as head of the Deutsche-A.B. – rather than answer questions about that put option activity – to work for Christian Poindexter at Constellation, and Caroline Hunt at Rosewood.]

WALLY HAWLEY – Co-Founder, InterWest Partners [See: “The Dark Side of Silicon Valley’s Wealth,”

DON FISHER – The Gap, Inc. [One of Governor Schwarzenegger’s leading special interest fundraisers, see:; central American sweatshops. See:

BOB FISHER – Chairman, The Gap, Inc. [Destroying redwoods in California: “Sits on the NRDC board; the NRDC was instrumental in creating the FSC, the group that ‘certified’ his logging company … ”; central American sweatshops, see:

MEG WHITMAN – CEO of E-Bay [“House inquiry into Whitman profits raises ethical issues about donations,” among other scandals. See,

SCHUYLER MARSHALL – President, Rosewood Corp. [Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, with the State Dept.’s Malcolm Barnebey; Andreas Bremer, Director, Dallas Warburg Chapter; Jean Campbell of Piper Rudnick (Lloyd Bentson’s old firm, currently the haunt of A.B. Buzzy Krongard, Dick Armey, Dick Gephart); María Antonieta Coello, Hunt-Mexico, Inc.; Kenneth Cohen, ExxonMobil; Lester Coleman, Halliburton; Jordan W. Cowman, Akin Gump; Barry Crossman, Chevron … ]